Cishahayo Songa Achille

Software Developer | Entrepreneur | Public Speaker | Content creator

Founder at Techinika. I am very passionate about empowering people with education, innovation and sustainable future with technology and I love creating products that transform people's lives. I pour my heart out through well curated writings and speeches, hoping that I can empower some souls with wisdom and inspire them to be the change they need to see.

Hire me to make a website for you, deliver a powerful speech or technology workshop at your next event, to upskill your team or to publish an inspiring articles on your platform.


Web Development (JavaScript/TypeScript - Full-Stack) (90%)
Creating Contents (Writing Articles, Copywriting) (88%)
Entrepreneurship (Starting a startup, Managing a startup, Product Development) (71%)
Public Speaking (Workshops, Lectures, Informative, Inspiration) (70%)

My Organizations



A company I started to bridge the digital skills gap in Rwanda and Africa.

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Achille Songa Lab


A hub of contents I create to pour my heart out including videos and articles.

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My Lovely Africa Podcast

Responsibility to Mother Africa

A podcast I started in 2022 with a purpose of helping African youth understand history of Africa and take a charge in making Africa better.

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Rwanda Technology Community


A community we are building to give technology and innovation enthusiasts to come together, learn from each other and solve society problems at scale.

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A side business

A local news platform I started with a friend to deliver news to the public.

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