My YouTube Channel

In 2019, I started a youtube channel which I dedicated to use in sharing the lyrics of my favorite songs and Rwandan's old school. Because of my will to share what I think and times changing, I started mixing contents teaching people how to speak Kinyarwanda. Later I added other kind of content dedicated to my own thoughts.

Type of contents:
  • Learn Kinyarwanda (My Native language)
  • Watch Rwandan Old School songs' lyrics
  • Get my perspective on different topics

My LinkedIn Newsletter

I created my first blog back in 2018. It was a messy blog that I deleted after a few weeks. Since then I have created and deleted multiple blogs. All were showing me that I have something in me that wanted to go out. In 2019 and 2020, I build a brand on FaceBook as 'Mind In Middle', which was supposed to mean 'a leader' and I was using it to share my perceptive on different things through writing. It grew up, but later stopped. In 2023, I decided to start writing long articles from my notes every week. I couldn't keep up with the week's schedule but I am glad I was able to do that and now I post my articles on LinkedIn.

My articles revolves around:
  • My personal experiences
  • Important matters (Education, Business, Technology)
  • Lessons learnt from situations